Year 2012 Show Themes

January  -   Gun Leather - Plain & Fancy
February -   Civil War & Indian Wars
March    -   Blades - Short & Long
April    -   Cartridges & Loading Tools
May      -   Single Actions & Single Shots
June     -   Military Arms & Accessories
July     -   Double Action Revolvers
August   -   Everything! Two Day Show *
September-   Automatic Weapons
October  -   Muzzle Stuffers (Black Powder)
November -   Historical Semi-Auto Pistols
December -   Rimfires, Kid's Guns and Airguns

* August Show is a 200 plus-Table Event Featuring Antique & Collectable Firearms, Edged Weapons, Militaria, Old West & Many Fine Displays. Non-Related Items Will Not be Allowed. Sign Up Early! We Sold Out Last Year!
The August show is at the Columbia Conference Center located at the Holiday Inn Portland Airport & Trade Center at 8439 N.E. Columbia Blvd., Portland,Oregon.

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