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Oregon Arms Collectors Membership

If you would like a membership application mailed to you, please make the request to the e-mail address below and include your mailing address. Membership dues are $20.00 a year.

Oregon Arms Collectors

Oregon Arms Collectors emphasizes the historical and esthetic aspects
of collecting, in a cordial and pleasant atmosphere of friendly and
appreciative interaction with other collectors.

Covering a wide range of collecting tastes, our membership is involved
in everything from Samurai Swords to Colt revolvers, from matchlocks
and flintlocks to Lugar pistols and M1 Garand's, swords to knives and
bayonets, cartridges to field gun shells, and a wide variety of arms 
related accouterments and literature.

Our membership rolls include participants from all walks of life; from
doctors to world-famous authors, community leaders to business men, 
from garden Nursery owners to Tool and Die makers.  Our members all
share a commitment to furtherance of collecting and the enjoyment of 
our fraternal organization.

At least four times in the course of each year, we publish our 
illustrated club newsletter.  Members and writers contribute 
information and articles on interesting weapons, arms history, 
contemporary legal and political commentary, area show information, 
and other entertaining antecdotes.  All members are encouraged to 
contribute to the publication for the good of the membership.

Our regular combination meetings/shows are held every fourth Sunday of
the month during which time members are free to trade both interesting
hardware and lively discussions.

Our shows are held expressly for the enjoyment and interaction of our
members.  During these get-togethers members may trade among themselves
as well as admire impressive collector's displays.  Special shows are
held on a regular basis with special themes or emphasis on interesting 
historical eras, specific arms types, or nationalities.  Refreshments
are available.  All of our shows are open to the public and non-members
are welcome to visit.  Those interesting in joining our organization 
are encouraged to approach any member for information.

Oregon Arms Collectors attempts to maintain the highest standards of
ethical and legal conduct within a comfortable framework of friendly 
and educational interaction.

So please feel welcome to attend our shows, enjoy the many displays
brought forth by our members, and talk to any of our members about 
their treasures.

Should you wish more information concerning joining our organizaiton, 
or simply have questions, please e-mail us at the above e-mail address.

And, as always, please feel welcome to Oregon Arms Collectors.